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ShepHertz's endeavor is to make App developers successful on the Cloud, irrespective of the technology or platform on which they are developing. All their products focus on making App developers' life easy and augment their business. App's complete backend will be managed by App42. Developers will hardly need to write any server side code for their Apps. Now developers dont have to worry about OS installations, patches, security, firewalls, scalability, high availability and any server side code, be it technical or business logic. Developers can focus on their UX and client-side logic, and leave the cloud and data management to App42 Cloud Platform. Moving or porting from one access channel i.e. Mobile, Web, Social, TV etc. to another will be greatly reduced because of our unified approach. Shephertz access channel and technology agnostic approach covers the complete App development landscape through their native SDKs. Developers will potentially save considerably because they can avoid buying dedicated cloud resources and their development is greatly reduced because of the out of the box 300+ App42 Cloud APIs. Shephertz App42 Product line ( App42 Cloud API - Backend as a Service ( 300+ Cloud APIs to develop Mobile, Web, Social, SaaS, TV and Gaming Apps. AppWarp ( Massive Multiplayer Realtime Gaming and Virtual World platform for simple to complex games. Customizable rooms and lobbies provided out of the box. AppClay ( Build and launch HTML5 and Android native Apps on the fly in a few minutes. Zero Coding or technology knowledge required. AppHawk ( Project, Issue\Defect Management and Collaboration with additional features for cloud and mobile app projects. Whether you are a Pro App developer or a beginner for Mobile, Web, Social, TV and Gaming Apps you will find App42 assisting you in developing engaging and connected Apps. Even Non-technical App developers can use AppClay to develop Apps. About ShepHertz ShepHertz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ( was incorporated in July 2010. ShepHertz is an access channel and technology agnostic cloud computing (PaaS) service provider. App42 cloud platform is their flagship product, on which their other products are built. They have taken an ecosystem approach where they want to provide Mobile, Web, Social, SaaS, TV and Gaming App developers a One-Stop-Shop for all their Cloud needs. From simple to very complex, reliable and robust Apps can be developed in a very short time and without any cloud resource management, thereby reducing time, cost and effort. The platform and their products are developed by developers for developers. Their motto is "Complexity approached by Simplicity"

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